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Breathe Easy With Rare Gear Essential Oil Aroma Ultrasonic Diffusers and Humidifiers.

 Feeling a little tired, low or out of sorts? You could be breathing in a bad vibe.

 Is that even possible?

Some certainly think so. What’s more, your negativity could be caused by your lack of… negativity. Confused? It’s all to do with the ions.

Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron known to freshen and purify the air. They are found in abundance in outdoor environments we typically think of as being clean, pure and invigorating such as waterfalls, rain forests, on the beach and in the atmosphere after thunderstorm and rain fall.

Negative ions are also thought to help improve our mood, daytime energy and levels of alertness.

It’s true, fresh air really does do us good! 

Sadly a trip to the beach or waterfalls isn’t always possible or practical, but, the good news is, with an ultrasonic diffuser, you can recreate the negative ions and ‘fresh air’ you’d expect to find there in the comfort of your own home.

The advanced ultrasonic technology in the diffuser produces silent vibrations at very high frequency converting the water and essential oils (if added) into a fine cool mist whilst charging it with negative ions. This fine mist is then released from the diffuser into your room of choice, helping to clear dust, pollen, pet dander and most odours from the air.

Rare Gear Ultrasonic Diffusers have a built-in auto shut-off sensor that turns the diffuser off when the water in the diffuser is empty, and they do NOT use a heat source, making them safe to use around pets and children. The lack of heat also helps the essential oils (if used) retain their therapeutic properties for enhanced well-being.

The diffusers also work as mini humidifiers, moistening and refreshing the air, which not only helps to reduce dryness in the eyes, throat and skin but also benefits the respiratory system.

They are also known to reduce snoring and promote better, more relaxed sleep and leave us feeling lifted and lighter in a way that being outdoors does.

Adding essential oils is optional but can make for a restorative aromatherapy experience that can be soothing and therapeutic. They also freshen the room as well as the senses, making for a healthier alternative to traditional aerosol air fresheners.

The colour changing LED night lighting in most of our diffusers provides a wonderful tranquil ambience that helps to quiet the mind.

All in all, a very literal breath of fresh air to enjoy and relax!